Montessori Materials -Geometrical Solids

Geometric solids are wonderful sensorial materials and are used in Montessori leaning environment for the stereognostic sense which is the ability to reconcile the form of a object when the visual and auditory clues are missing. This is done by providing cues from size, shape, texture, temperature etc.

The wooden box encompasses a set of 10 pieces of 3 Dimensional wooden geometrical shapes consisting of a cube, a 3-sided pyramid, a four sided prism,a 3-sided prism, a cylinder, a ovoid, a ellipsoid, a cylinder, a sphere and a cone. There are 5 white cards of isosceles triangle and an equilateral triangle and small round stands for the sphere, ellipsoid and the ovoid.

It comes in a large wooden container that can hold all the ten Geometric Solids Materials with ease.

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Montessori Materials-Geometrical Solids

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