Step2 Tropical Island Resort

Kids will have unlimited hours of fun with this water play table where they can send the little figurines down the slide or off the diving board with this Tropical Island Resort with Umbrella.

Other attraction in this table include a water wheel carousel which can splash water around. Keep the little girl and boy on the carousel and give them a ride. Pump the guyser and watch the water squirt and flow.

The Tropical Island Resort with Umbrella has an array of accessories including mom, dad, boy, girl, monkey with spinners, leaf with spinners, fish & dolphin squirter, slide catapult, cup, boat, pivoting gate and net, octopus carousel and post with 2 swings.

Can be used outdoor or indoors for lots of splashing fun! Sturdy and durable quality for kids to play together

Ideal for ages 18 months and above. Encourages creative play.

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Step2 Tropical Island Resort

  • Product Code: Tropical Island Resort
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • ₹ 14,999