The binomial cube is contained in a wooden box with lid, having two adjacent hinged sides that open out to display the 8 wooden component cubes and prisms painted red, blue and black.One red cube and three red and black matching prisms.
One blue cube and three blue and black matching prisms.All the pieces, once assembled, form a cube of a binomial (a+b)3, representing the cube of two numbers, or tens plus units.The square of the binomial is painted on the lid.All the blocks fit into a natural wood box.Each side of the cube has the same dimensions and pattern, represents the square of (a + b) or (t + u). The faces of the small blocks are color coded: a2 is always red, b2 is always blue, and "ab" is always black. The factors of the equation are represented by the cubes and prisms.

The child is at the stage of the absorbent mind. She child is not asked to understand the formula, but is using the cube in a mathematical way. The child will build up a predisposition to enjoy and understand mathematics later.

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Montessori Materials - Binomial Cubes

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