Birds and Their Nests (Animal Homes Hardback)

The book text and photographs describes how rabbits and the burrows in which they build their homes, live, and raise their young bunnies.

And the books is part of the Animal Home Series which supports national science standards related to Life Sciences.

The images support early readers in understanding the text.

The Repetition of words and phrases helps early readers to learn new words.

This book also introduces early readers to subject-specific vocabulary words which are defined in the Glossary.

Reading age:  4 - 8 years

Language: English 

Word Count: 136

Suitable for Age Group Age Range: 4 - 8 years Grade Level: Kindergarten - 1
ISBN13 No. 9780736823838
Publisher Capstone Press
Author Linda Tagliaferro
Book Genre Hardcover
Language English
No. of Pages 24
Series Animal Homes : Pebble Plus

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Birds and Their Nests (Animal Homes Hardback) by Linda Tagliaferro

  • Brand: Capstone Press
  • Product Code: 9780736823838
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