Wooden Tables and Chairs for Preschool from Kids Kouch

Tables and Chairs for Preschool

Kids Kouch Preschool Furniture

It is indispensable to pay great attention while choosing tables and chairs for a preschool environment. As a person making the selection for preschool furniture you will need to pay attention to every detail. Its obvious that you are looking for quality furniture that is durable and will last for years to come, you want it to be safe and sturdy and yes price would be a factor to be considered as well.

When it comes to tables and chairs for preschool  there is always a choice between wooden and plastic products. The choice you make will depend on the budget, concept, and the theme of the school. Many preschools come with a preset rule that will use products that are natural and organic. The number of preschools differentiating  themselves on various parameters is increasing by the day and has become more of a necessity with the growing competition in the arena of preschools. Having wooden furniture in natural wood and pastel hues is a Unique Selling Point (USP) for some schools. It is proven time and again that colors can distract children in a leaning environment, hence preschools opt for furniture an educational aids in specific colors.

 At Kid Kouch you will find wooden tables and chairs for preschools which are made of completely safe materials that meet international safety standards. Our furniture is finished with smooth corners and is durable.
The table and chairs featured in the above image are:
  • Strong and safe design made with environmentally friendly E1 grade multiply plywood.
  • The metal frame has electrostatic powder coating which ensures resistance to discoloration.
  • Height of the table can be raised or lowered by a about 1 feet.
  • Special ergonomic design of chairs provides safety and prevents kids from falling backwards. 
  • Chairs are easy to carry and stackable which make them excellent space savers.
  • The table can sit 6 kids.
  • Rounded solid legs provide sturdiness and safety.
  • To clean surface use a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.
  •  Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  •  Available in Red and Yellow colors
Tables and Chairs for Preschools

Wooden Preschool Furniture from Kids Kouch


This wooden table chair set is fabricated in Pine wood. It has all the  standard features that make it a ideal choice for preschools and homes.

Tables and Chairs for Preschool

Kids Kouch Preschool Furniture


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