Redecorating your kids room

It’s not unusual to find kids wanting to change the theme of their room as they grow. With their age their interests keep changing and that fuels their imagination and creativity to have their rooms redesigned in different ways that reflect their current thought process. As parents we can’t just force or thoughts and design ideas into their rooms. However, it’s a good idea to work together with them and have the room redone in a way that’s appealing to both the parties.

redecorating kids rooms

The red color is used very interesting only in the accessories which make it easy to give a sober look to the room in future

Kids also have their own personal taste and we need to encourage them to develop their own individuality rather than gritting our teeth at their weird choice of colors or themes. Personal taste is after all, personal taste and if you have done a good job as a parent so far your child will be quite capable of deciding what they like and what they don’t like. There may be times that you cannot arrive at a liaison between the two parties and in such cases it is better to let your children choose what they want to do. If you absolutely don’t like what they decide it is just good to keep it out of your sight and stay away from their room and wait for the next wave of change.


redecorating kids rooms


As we have mentioned in our previous posts

How to create neutral kids bedroom designs

How about some white kids bedroom furniture

it is good to keep the kids bedroom furniture basic and classic, that way you don’t have to change the furniture every time you change the look and feel of the room. Having the main units of the kids bedroom furniture in neutral colors is always a good idea. These include the center piece the Kids Beds be it a Bunk Bed, Loft Bed or a Trundle Bed, Study Table for Kids, Storage Units for Kids Room and Bookshelves. If its a toddler’s room make space for a small activity table and chairs for kids. A play area with cushioned play mats or a playpen can be a true haven at this age. The wall décor, bed linen, curtains, floor mats / play mats should be on your radar while thinking of redecorating your kids room. These are much easier to accommodate on your budget. Kids fads come and go like changes in the seasons, hence it’s good to spend some time exploring the issue of redecorating with your child. This way we can avoid getting into another redecorating project too soon.


redecorating kids rooms

Neutral shades of furniture allows the room to grow with the kids and also to be changed without spending too much


Even if it means that you are just redesigning the room with accessories it is good have a budget and a time frame. You need to work together to stay within the set objectives and budget and make it clear that the changes are going to be locked in for a period of time. Two to three years is worth aiming for but with younger kids you may have to do it even before that time. Lighting, cushions, bean bags and unusual wall frames can add a completely new look to the room even without investing heavily on changing the furniture.


redecorating kids rooms

Pink has been used smartly in the accessories which make is easy to change the look anytime.


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