Basic Kids Bedroom Furniture

kids bedroom furnitureBabies to toddlers to teens how fast kids grow. As they grow with their peculiar needs and wishes we make every attempt to fulfill them.


Kid’s minds learn faster than we ever can imagine, so we would like to have a kid’s bedroom that would encourage and inspire creativity. Imagination plays a great role in developing your child’s mind. While allowing all these there are a different set of priorities with a child’s room, safety being the top among them. We need to also focus on natural light, colours and free spaces that will allow them to do all activities in their room.

kids bedroom furniture

Meeting all the above does not mean that you need to have big room for your children. There is a plethora of contemporary children furniture that is sturdy, trendy and compact. It is not hard to find kids bedroom furniture that is safe, sturdy, stylish, functional and practical all at the same time. Kids furniture at strike a perfect balance between style and functionality. It’s not only the furniture but the accessories and toys should be carefully choose based on the age, interest and potential of every kid.

It’s a good idea to have a theme and add accessories that allow you to personalize the room as per your child’s liking’s. The main furniture of a kid’s room comprises of a comfortable kids bed, a study table to suit the age and height of your child, a chair and good kid’s storage.

Beds: Twin Beds, Bunk Beds, Trundle Beds, Toddler Beds

kids twin bed

Beds are the most versatile furniture for a kid’s room. Their bed is the chosen space to relax, play, bedtime reading etc. We now have a wide range of kids beds available in India. A simple twin bed can go a long way. It’s an ideal choice for a toddler or a teen. Twin beds for kids are most popular because of their practicality and ease to match with any theme. Bunk beds are in vogue for siblings sharing the same room. If your kids have grown out of a bunk bed or are too small that you fear the safety while they take the ladder a trundle bed would meet your requirement. Some designs allow you to easily dissemble the beds into separate ones. Beds with storage like built-in bookshelves, drawers for storing bedding, and even a study table are a smart choice for small rooms. These beds allow a lot of floor area to be left free for kids to play or enjoy any activity.

Kids Chairs and Study Tables

kids bedroom furniture

Kids Kouch-Kids Activity Tables

Depending on the age of your child you need to ask a primary question what does your child need a table for? Writing, Reading, Art, Play Board Games or use a Laptop?  Kids’ chairs and tables should be decided on after looking into practical details. Teens would need larger work desks with big writing space to spread out their work and also accommodate a laptop. For younger kids its more about having space for their stationary and get into an organised study culture( Small Tables and Chairs ). Having a separate study table for your kids from an early age makes them disciplined and allows them to differentiate work from play. It is utmost important to have well suited tables and chairs allowing the right posture while studying.


Kids Room Storage

kids storage

Any amount of storage solution is not enough for a kid’s bedroom. It is good to have multipurpose storage solutions that allow you to store clothes, books, toys, stationary and other knick-knacks as required. Trendy and colourful storage options from Kids Kouch will add charm to the room and also clear up the clutter. It is essential to choose the kids storage furniture that are small and low in height and thus encourage kids to tidy up and put things back in place on their own without compromising on the safety aspect.


Things to consider while choosing furniture for kids rooms:

  1. Study you kid’s room size, location of windows and doors before you go shopping for kid’s furniture.
  2. Decide on the main pieces of furniture and their approximate size that can be accommodated in your room.
  3. Fix on the budget and also decide what your priority is so that you can buy only part of the furniture if it all does fit in your budget rather than compromising on cheaper units.
  4. Decide on the theme or colour for your kids room decor
  5. If your child is older take your child along so that they can try out the desk, chairs etc.
  6. Buy kids furniture that is durable especially if you have second one to reuse
  7. Choose safe and sturdy units that can withstand the naughtiness of children
  8. For toddler choose tables that can be used for writing, drawing, playing or even eating.
  9. Choose bunk beds that are sturdy and ladders that are safe with easy-grip.
  10. Select kids furniture such that you can team up and add more furniture in future without ruining the balanced look of the room.



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