How to make space and design a great home office

Have you been avoiding a work from home option just because you don’t have a home office table and you think you are better off working at your office desk? With more and more companies providing the option of work from home (Work@home 2 days a week: Cognizant) and the traffic on the roads getting worse by the day it is time to put some thought to create a home office that is functional and comfortable.

If you’re under the impression that you need a lot of space or a spare room to set up a workspace in your home, you’re wrong. We urge you to read this article and think again you will surely find an unused corner that is just right to be converted to a home office. Brilliant work spaces can emerge from a spare corner, a few inches of a wall, or areas in your house you never thought to explore. Sounds too good to be true? Take a peek.

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First and foremost is the home office table that you will choose for your workspace. This is a piece of furniture that you can’t do with and would be the centre piece. A comfortable study/laptop table with good ergonomics and aesthetics is a favourable choice. With small spaces, it’s important to choose furniture that sleek and not bulky. Heavy looking solid wood furniture may not be very appearing if you want to design your home office in a restricted space.

If you have a window don’t be scared to have your office table facing the open spaces outside. A little bit of sunshine can add liveliness. But if you are not so lucky and have to face a bare wall, then use a nice wall-paper or just paint it in a colour of your choice. Easy-to-install wall mounted shelves are a smart way of sobering down a wall painted in a bright hue. So don’t be scared to experiment with colors.

Working alone from a corner of your home would be quite different from working in huge office spaces along with co-workers. This shouldn’t dampen your spirits tough. Add colour to your work space by getting a designer to do it for you or just unleash your creative instincts to do the bit. Furnishing, a small lamp, a potted plant in a beautiful ceramic holder, a vase of flowers will all add the needed colour and vibe.  The trick is to make sure that there is harmony between the decorative elements and that the existing furniture plays well with the new additions to the room. White is always a good choice as it usually integrates effortlessly with the existing theme.

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In this new era of paperless offices you do not need much of storage space. Add shelving and functional storage accessories into that wall to make good use of space. Once you have logged into your work you don’t want to be looking around for stationary, drawers and storage bins are ideal for this purpose. Keep your charging cables, stationary and other knick-knacks at hand. If you need to use the printer or scanner frequently for your work make sure you have a space dedicated to these electronic devices close to where you intend to work.

Television and bed need to be a furlong away from your work space. Used to the coffee breaks you got at work? Keep a kettle and sachets of your favourite tea or coffee close to your home office table. Try not to make frequent trips to the kitchen as that would not be good for your work or waist.

So get started today. Look for that eligible nook for a brand new home office. It can be part of your living room, dining room or kids room that can make an adequate space for home office. Sneak in a sleek office table, a chair, and a few office accessories, brighten it up with some colour and contrast and voila!  You have a spot to retreat to for working.

Shop online for some modern, small size home office tables on They are in neutral colours of white and maple which will integrate seamlessly to your existing decor. Find accessories and storage units to go with them.

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Home Office Tables from Kids Kouch


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