Kids Rooms design for Preschoolers (3 to 4 years)

If you remember we made a promise few weeks ago to take your through the process of designing Kids Rooms according to their age. This week our focus is on Kids Rooms for Pre-schoolers ( 3 to 4 years)

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Before you buy a home you run through various factors to find the ideal home:

  • Is it well-located?
  • Is it well ventilated?
  • Will I be able to get the basic stuff with ease around here?
  • Are there any recreations nearby?
  • Is there a school, hospital nearby?

We usually weigh these and other, largely subconscious criteria that affect the quality of the apartment. Similarly children have their own specific needs and a child will judge the quality of his or her room just as critically.

  • Do I like the colour of the walls?
  • Is there enough fresh air and brightness?
  • Are the surfaces well-padded so that I don’t hurt myself when I stumble?
  • Is the furniture safe and sturdy that I don’t get hurt when I knock against them?
  • Do I have enough free space in my room?

There are countless colours, shapes, textures, and materials with which children can entertain themselves for hours on end, most children’s furniture-as well as rooms designed especially for children take advantage of only a fraction of these possibilities. All of your child’s senses come to life during the preschool years. Many psychological studies have shown that the design of a child’s room has an enormous influence on his intellectual development. It should not come as a surprise that cramped, dark rooms are less appropriate for children than open, light spaces.

kids rooms

It’s now time to move you child into a real, kids twin bed. A children bed should be placed in such a way that he always has a good view of the door and doesn’t need to turn his head when someone walks into the room. This will help him feel secure and will usually sleep in peace.

Kids this age love to draw, listen to stories, build with blocks or examine every day objects with great zeal. In the course of these activities they need to have an appropriate sized table at which they can work and play. Tables that grow with your child (height-adjustable) are especially practical and are often available with corresponding chairs. A children’s table and chair should be appropriately sizes to help prevent poor posture.

As children grow older, the number of toys they own typically increases as well but where do you put them all? Children usually love that all their toys be at sight, so shelves and open boxes are ideal at this stage. Getting kids used to toy boxes is good to hide some stuff away. Colourful handy toy boxes /bins are a must and are excellent for sorting toys and secret treasures.

It’s a good time to introduce kids to organise their books on shelves. Make sure the shelves or book racks that you choose for your kids room are safe and located at a convenient height

When selecting the most suitable material for children’s furniture or toys, wood is always an optimal choice. Wood is natural, more durable and conveys much more warmth than plastic. Plastic is certainly attractive because of its colors and longevity.

Kids Rooms for Preschoolers

When furnishing your child’s room you should always keep in mind the colors and designs your kids would prefer. Paint the walls in light shades to give calming effect and also keep the room brighter. Together with your child, you can design and paint simple, colourful pictograms for routine activities such as bedtime, dinner time, brushing teeth etc. Your kids art work or painting made by you can add that much needed color to the walls.

A chalkboard is a wonderful addition to a child’s room at this age. It constantly provides new impulses for their creativity and imagination.

Another room of the house your 3 year olds will want for themselves is the bathroom. Kid’s love to spend time in the bathroom. Make sure the fittings are tightly secured. Try to adapt you bathroom to your child’s size with the help of small accessories, such as a stepstool in front of the sink. There are kids who develop aversion to taking a bath or shower. A cheerful bath mat and decorating your bathroom in an inviting style can encourage your kid.

Let the sunshine into your child’s room. It’s good to have large windows that will provide necessary fresh air, light and sun. Sunshine is a natural disinfectant, but do use the curtains or shades to avoid ruining the furniture with excess sunlight.


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