When and How to transit out of a baby cot to a toddler bed

When and How to transit your child out of a baby cot to a toddler bed

Were you woken up recently in the middle of the night by your toddler standing next your bed after he/she gingerly manged to come out of his/her baby cot? That is sure sign that your child has grown out the baby cot and is now ready to transit to a toddler bed. So start shopping for a kids bed. The ideal time for most toddlers is sometime between the ages of 18 to 36 months. A new addition to the family or the baby cot getting too small are an indication that the time has come for the transition.

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Talk to your child about getting a new bed and that he/she is grown up now to have a regular bed. Little ones are always proud when they are treated as adults and the fact that they have grown up gives them immense pleasure. This way you are building up the tempo to make your child accept the new bed with pride rather than fear. If you child is old enough then take your child with you to the store or sit with your child while you select the kids bed online. Yes, this can mean an invitation for trouble and tantrums but it is better to avoid that long term implication of the child not accepting the bed you choose. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. Once we are done with Step 1 of choosing the toddler bed we move on to Step 2.

As parents we want make the transition as plain sailing as possible for our children. Keeping the surrounding familiar can add a sense of naturalness to the whole occasion and have a calming effect on the child. Placing the new bed in place of the baby cot would be much appreciated but if that is not a viable option due to lack of space then try to have the same colours and interiors in the new place. Moving in their favourite stuff, teddy bear, and stuffed dolls to the new place can encourage the child to start sleeping in the new bed or easily than expected. It is not a bad idea to use the same bedlinen and quilts to keep up the friendly welcoming atmosphere. Make sure to have a night light in the room. It helps in case they need to wake up at night.

Finally your toddler needs to feel safe in a regular bed. Unlike their baby cots these beds may not have railings on the sides. Some toddlers may get fearful of the thought of sleeping on beds without sides or beds that are high. Robert toddler bed from Kids Kouch is just right for this growing transition ages. The length is an adult length of six feet so your child can grow with it. The width is 3 feet which is comfortable for kids. The 3 side barrier make it a safe option for this age group. Now make this transition a celebration. Talk about this in front of your child to his friends, relatives, grandparents and say how brave he/she has been and how beautiful the bed is.

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Some kids take longer than others to get used to their new beds. A small stackable bed or a high mattress on the floor can be used as a in between settlement till your kids gets comfortable sleeping in the new bed. Having a bedtime routine and reading to your child before sleeping is a good way to get used to the new space. It may sometimes seem hard to get your child used to the concept but with patience and care it will happen slowly.


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