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As a parent don’t you feel proud and satisfied when we see your child sitting at the study table and doing his or her homework? I am sure we all do. Study table for kids are not just meant for those exam times, so much happens daily on these desks. It needs to be a cozy, welcoming place where they will need to linger for long hours and focus on their tasks at hand.

But do you think that kids study tables are used most during exam times and there is no need of it till then. Well think about the projects, assignments and homework that is done on regular school days on the study table. And come holidays the same kids study table transforms into a studio for all the creative work colouring, painting, drawing, origami, craft and more. We can conclude this is an important place for your child and they are shaping their future here.

We need to take utmost care to choose the perfect study table for kids which matches their age and size. Once children are a little older say 8+ you need to invest in a study table that they can grow with and can be used till the end of their schooling years. Here are 2 of our most popular study tables for kids that suit most age groups.

Elsie pink study table is a “pretty in pink” study desk that is not only sleek but is also a very functional unit. The large clear writing area makes it an apt choice for kids who love to study and also love art. It gives them enough space to get their crayons, pencils, paints and spread out and work with ease without having to get up every now and then. The drawers make it convenient to store all the art supplies and stationary in one place.

Study Table for Kids

Elsie Study Table for Kids

As for its fabrication it is made of high quality engineered wood and is extremely durable. It is child-safe unit with no sharp corners and smooth sliding drawers. There are people who do not like their furniture touching the walls, so they prefer to keep a gap between the wall and the furniture. If you are one of them this table comes with barrier that prevents things from falling off on the other side.

Our next choice is Billie blue study table for kids. This is petit desk with clear writing area. It has 3 little drawers for stationary and art supplies.  The knobs on the drawers are shaped like wheels that make it attractive. It’s a sturdy unit with smooth corners and no sharp edges. If you do not have a lot of space then this study table for kids is a good option. It suitable for kids of all age groups. It is made of engineered wood and European standard paints. All material used meet international safety standards.

study table for kids

Billie Study Table for Kids from Kids Kouch

So we’ve given you enough insights! Now it’s time for you to make your choice.


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