How to Cool Summer for Kids

Summer time is always fun for kids. Holidays are here and they have lots to do. But as a parent you are always worried on how to keep you children safe and hydrated on these harsh summer days. It’s hard to stop them from going outdoors and also its time for travel so soak up these handy tricks that can save  kids from a sunburn and dehydration.

summer for kids


Keeping kids hydrated is the biggest challenge in summer. Their games never end and they constantly sweat out in the sun. So it’s very important that they drink lots of liquids throughout the day. Make something interesting with the boring H2O that will want them to keep on sipping fluids every now and then minus the sugar from packaged drinks. Add few pieces of fresh orange, lime, apple or any favourite fruit and serve flavored water. You can also do ginger or mint water but that may be less popular with kids. Fruit juices, blends and virgin cocktails are good too. Apart from giving them a feeling of grown-ups they help to keep them hydrated. Use honey to sweeten if you absolutely need to.

Water games are total fun this time of the year. No excuses for these for sure. If you don’t have a swimming pool close by you can still give them some super cool outdoor playtime with a paddle pool. It does not take too much water and it is fun for toddlers. Fill it up with water toys and balls and your toddler is sure to spend hours in the paddle pool which will be worth your investment. Paddle pools are not very expensive and do not need you to splash a lot of money. It gives a gratifying holiday feeling just so instantly.

For those grown up kids arrange a battle with super soakers and water guns in your backyard. You children and their friends are sure going to have a splash! Blasting their guns with shots of water. Again this does not use up a lot of water and is totally refreshing for the younger ones.

summer for kids

Fruit Ice Lollies

After all those water games how about some ice-cream. Why not involve the kids and get them to make some for themselves? But the real ice-cream can be tricky and takes a lot of time so why not make some ice lollies instead. You can use squash or juice or even make lollies out of real fruit for a healthy option. Check out these watermelon and kiwi delights from Karis Layne they are really cute and interesting. This smoothie is almost a healthy snack and when server chilled it is such a summer delight, with this you don’t have to worry about kids not eating too well too.

Apart from these it is very crucial to dress appropriately. Cotton is the perfect fabric for summer. Its breathable and soft. Light T-Shirts and shorts are ideal for the season. Stack up those jeans for the cooler days. For sensitive kids skin a good sun cream with high SP factor of 30 to 50 is an absolute must in summer. There are special sunscreens for kids out there which will be more suitable for tender skin.

summer for kids

Its best to stay indoors between 12 noon to 4 pm. If it is unavoidable do insist on carrying a cap, an umbrella or a pair of sunglasses and a bottle of fluids. Choose to stay in shade whenever possible.

Happy Holidays ! Have Fun ! and Stay Safe from the Sun!


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