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Redecorating your kids room

It’s not unusual to find kids wanting to change the theme of their room as they grow. With their age their interests keep changing and that fuels their imagination and creativity to have their rooms redesigned in different ways that reflect their current thought process....

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Designing kids rooms according to their age

Week after week we are going to bombard you with great ideas to design and redesign your kid’s room according to their ages. We will focus on the progressive phases of children’s growth and development: toddlers(2-3 years), preschoolers (3 to 6 years), elementary school kids...

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Fabric and Kids Room Decor, DIY

Most parents go about spending a lot of time, energy and money in choosing the perfect products to decorate their Kid’s Room, be it the bedroom, study space, storage space etc. Accessorizing rooms with safe products that are kiddy, colourful and affordable requires some thought....