Simple tips for kids room decor this festive season

It’s that time of the year when the festive mood has set in and we want to add some colour to our homes. If you are one of those who isn’t redoing your home but just want to make some changes to add a festive spark to your kid’s room then here are 11 great tips for kids room decor that will give a fresh look without being heavy on your pocket. Our focus is kids room but we are certain that you can use some of these pointers to light up other rooms in your home too. So here are 11 tips and tricks to give that festive look to your kids room.

simple tips for kids room decor

Simple tips for kids room decor

If you are planning to get your kids room painted this season then the choice of colours is of paramount importance. Do consult your child before you make a decision. Consider the existing furniture, furnishing and any new addition that you plan to make in future before you make a final choice. Bright colours suit kids rooms though the age of the child and their interests also will be a criteria for the colour choice. There is no harm in going for really bright colours as yellow, orange or green but do sober it down with lighter colours on the other walls.

Had your walls painted last year and you are sure they don’t need any repainting then why don’t you add a border or use wallpaper on one of the walls. Wallpapers again can be customised to the age and interest of children. Wall paper border are usually used at the bottom of top of the walls and can be matched with overall colour scheme and theme of the room.

A less expensive option as compared to the ones mentioned above would be the wall decals. A wall decal is a wall sticker that can be added to any wall. It is simple to use and the removable ones make it convenient to change the theme as and when you like. You can choose from simple stickers such as stars, circles and other shapes or have themes like under water, space etc. Having some glow in dark decals such as stars, moon or planets on the ceiling is sure to please the kids.

simple tips for kids room decor

Simple tips for kids room decor-Chalkboard Wall


A chalkboard wall is adored by kids of all ages alike. This gives them an avenue to unleash their creative instincts and write and draw what they like. A toddler’s board is adorned by cute little drawings and a teenager’s board may swank a poem. Yes sometimes parents also love to scribble and get nostalgic about their childhood.

You can add your touch to a simple pin-up board or cork board by gluing a piece of fabric of your choice over it. This small DIY trick will add a new dimension to the kid’s room. A magnetic board is an alternative to in up boards. Kids can boost of their art work on their very own gallery. You can buy in these boards in sizes of your choice depending on the wall space you have got.


simple tips for kids room decor

Simple tips for kids room decor-Pinup Board


Be it birthday party or a celebration buntings add a special party or festive look to a room. It’s so easy to make and kids can have fun making them the way they like. Here’s a simple DIY tutorial to make buntings.  If you are not too cornered about the finish you can also just staple them with a stapler. It no mess to take them off or add new ones according to the mood. You can also make more permanent ones with fabric and sewing them up with beautiful laces. Click here for fabric buntings. This is just the most simple tip for kids room decor.

simple tips for kids room decor

Simple tips for kids room decor – Buntings


Throw-in some cosy bean bags into your kids rooms. Choosing the right colours and prints can make a big difference to the décor. Bean bags are nice to cuddle up in front of the TV or just lie and read a book or play on their gadgets during their holidays. They are safe and easy to move around and you can change the fabric when you need.

simple tips for kids room decor

Simple tips for kids room decor-Kids Bean Bags

Cushions are the little sisters of the bean bags. They add a comfort feeling. Add them on your kids bed or the seating area be it the sofa or bench. If you are doing both the bean bags and cushions then choose similar or contrasting shades and designs to harmonize the room. Cushions can be made in different shapes like round, square, star, rectangle etc to add fun for little kids.

simple tips for kids room decor

Simple tips for kids room decor-Cushions

Adding a couple of fancy lighting to your kid’s room is not a bad idea. They can range from hanging to wall mounted to ceiling options. Kids lights are available in various themes and colours. Having a few light garlands thrown in here and there during festivals set in the mood for good times. You can buy a simple light garland and create your own designs over them. Browse here for ideas.

simple tips for kids room decor

Simple tips for kids room decor – Garland Lights

If you looking to add some kids storage but don’t have any space left in your kids room why don’t we use the wall. Add simple wall shelves in colours to go with your theme. These shelves are good enough to hold few books or knick-knacks like clocks, figurines and gifts. You can create some much needed storage without spending too much and wisely using unused walls and corners.

simple tips for kids room decor

Simple tips for kids room decor-Wall Shelves

Don’t see the need to do anything much in your kids room but you are looking for some novelty? Change the curtains and buy some new bed spreads and linen.  Some new floor mats will also do the tricks. This is good enough to get your kids charged into a festive mood.


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