Fun and Functional Preschool and Daycare Furniture

As the school year comes to an end and kids go on their summer vacations teachers and other stakeholders of the school need to embark on the project to redecorate and plan for the coming year. How you plan and design your Preschool and Daycare is very different from planning any other grades. Designing with fun and functional preschool and daycare furniture is challenging and interesting. There is a lot of scope to put your imagination and creativity to play coz its more than just those tables and chairs. So think of productive ways to change your environment!

Is it necessary to make changes every year?

preschool and daycare furniture

  • It’s not only the kids who come back after summer but also the parents who will be excited and respond well to a new look. A good upkeep of your premises is a great tool for attracting new parents while showing everyone that you care about what you offer and investing in your business.
  • Who doesn’t love good change. Children react to change and the newness is sure to keep them engaged and interested for a while. New books on the shelves, new seating arrangements with additions of chairs and mats to the old setup will give a new dimension to the classroom. Decorating the walls with new paints and frames will add freshness.


What we have got to offer this year?

Kids Kouch has got new range of Kid Sofas and Cushioned Mats from Dwinguler this year. These are made from environmentally friendly material and are durable for a preschool environment. The sofas are kids size and are sure to add coziness to the reading areas. The Dwinguler playmats are ideal for toddler activities like tummy time, crawling activities and jumping.

The classic modular plastic tables and chairs are always needed and are an essential part of preschool furniture. We continue to offer this range of tables and chairs for standard classroom seating arrangements. They are available in different colors and shapes. Its innovative to put kids names on the chairs for recognition, it aids the process of learning and development in many ways than we can think of. Stackable modular plastic chairs are durable, colorful and economical, making them perfect for young classrooms.

We have a wide range of storage units and bookshelves that are half sized and are hence ideal and safe for preschool or daycare setting. All our furniture has rounded edges and no sharp corners.

Even though it’s daycare and not school, the first years are the best time to expand the minds and imagination of little ones. So apart from just having stackable beds you will need to invest in interesting indoor playitems that will keep them entertained and occupied. It’s not always about buying high-end expensive products, a little creativity will turn any small-scale pieces into imaginative parts of your daycare theme.

Budgets are always relative:


preschool and daycare furniture


An education center is also a business entity and a smart business person needs to be mindful of their finances. But it is good to remember that you get what you pay for. Higher prices mean quality products that attract new clients and longer life! So consider all options before investing.

Make changes in phases. Every change that you plan or new additions that you budget for should help instill pride and responsibility, while also protecting your investment.

You can accomplish fun and functional with a budget in mind!

Shop now at Kids Kouch and we will help you with the right products and suggestions.


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