Lerado Preschool Play Area Equipment

Preschool is the first step of formal learning for a child. At this stage learning is happening more through play and fun. Play is work for a preschooler and it is through play that we need to aid their mental and physical growth. This is not the age for structured learning but more about a creative playful approach to understand and explore the hidden potential in these little children.

Preschool toys and preschool play area equipment are just as important as having a beautifully set up classroom for these ages. Preschool play area equipment is not just about the swings and slides anymore. We now have access to a wide range of preschool play area equipment which are innovative and entertaining for toddlers. A good preschool needs to have a good selection of preschool toys which nurture the earliest experiences of exploring their capabilities and potential and also develop the habits of sharing, caring and social behaviour with peers.

Preschool Play Area Equipment

Building Blocks-Preschool Play Area Equipment

Children are playful by nature. When they’re learning and playing with joy, then it’s a positive experience. They develop a positive approach to learning. Here are some preschool play area equipment from the well-known brand Lerado that can add value to any preschool area. When parents visit schools it helps them understand the principles and quality that the school maintains through the equipment that they use. So to have positive impression on parents and provide a great learning environment it is important for preschool to invest in high quality preschool playground equipment be it for indoor or outdoor use. In a school environment these equipment are going to go through a lot of wear and tear so it justifies the purpose of investing in high quality preschool toys and equipment.


Lerado Roller Coaster for Kids

Preschool Play Area Equipment

Lerado Roller Coaster-Preschool Play Area Equipment

Kids will have hours of fun going up and down on this wonderful ride roller-coaster. Durable and sturdy design and this preschool play area equipment is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The bright colours are attractive and engaging for little kids. For maximum comfort and safety it features a coaster car with a high back, foot rest and a handrail. This product is fabricated in high quality plastic and is very easy to clean.

Measurements: 312 x 77.5 x 38cm high

Lerado Pink Pony Rocker for Girls

This pink pony rocker is a great play item for toddlers. Its ergonomic design makes it stable with an easy mount low seat and high seat back together with easy grip handles. Help to develop co-ordination and balancing skills in a child.

Measurements: 85cm x 30cm x 56cm

Preschool Play Area Equipment

Preschool Play Area Equipment – Lerado Pink Pony Rider

Lerado Cute Crab See-Saw

This bright blue coloured crab theme see-saw is just the right thing for a preschool indoor play area. It can be used outdoor also. It is a safe, durable and stable design made of high quality plastic. It promotes co-ordination and social development in children and also helps to develop the concept of sharing and making things happen by working in a team.

preschool play area equipment

Preschool Play Area Equipment-Lerado Crab See-Saw

All the above products are manufactured with high grade plastic and are safe and sturdy. They are very easy to clean and require very less maintenance. For regular cleaning you can just wipe off with a soft cloth. To prevent fading it is advisable not to leave the products in direct sunlight. They are safe to be used outdoors but it is advised that they do not be left out on sun and rain for extended period of time. You can wash the products worth light soap water.


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