Kids Character Building Books

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing”. As parents our life long investment is in trying to grow a healthy tree.

Kids learn fast from their surroundings and it’s a continual process. Building character in kids starts from a very young age. Once they are cognizant of their environment they are picking things and character building begins right there. Hence as parents it is necessary to provide the right environment for our children.


It has been proven time and again that a person who goes for a job interview and portrays good manners and character often ends up getting the job even though there may be others with better academic records. With characters comes Respect which embeds self-confidence and positive attitude in person. Good character does not happen overnight, it’s important to be vigilant of your kid’s behavior and also take corrective measures as soon as you realize that they may be off track. The early years are the formative years and have a strong and lifelong impact on how their personality shapes up.

How to instill good values?

Parents can take small steps in building character in kids by making them aware of what is right and what is wrong. It’s not an easy feat, but leading by example always does the magic. Good character is caught more than it is taught. It’s easy to go around saying “Do as I Say” but it takes to live the godly character before your kids to have the courage to say “Do as I Do” it means that as you live out godly character before your kids. This way it will come naturally to them emulating what they see you do.

Invest in good kids character building books and moral story books for your kids. Read them together with your children, in doing so not only is your child’s character being built, but the bond between you and your child is being strengthened. Find some excellent character building books from the Dealing with Feelings Series by Raintree Publishers like Happy, Proud, Caring, Jealous, Angry, Shy, Sad, Worried etc Shop for these books online on

kids character building books

Social skills and good character kind of go hand in hand. A child who shares easily or empathizes with others is somehow naturally possessing good qualities. As kids grow they learn from their peers, movies and other sources. As parents we need to keep emphasizing on the importance of having a good character and the ill effects of lying, stealing etc.

Engaging your child in charity by participating in events for causes or visiting orphanages and playing with the children, or visiting old age homes provides them an opportunity to see the other side of life and learn to understand and share the feelings  of less fortunate people.

There is no perfect parent and there are no perfect kids. Don’t wait for a better occasion to praise your child. If he/she has done something worth a pat. Small gestures such as sharing with siblings or a friend, telling the truth, being kind to others should be noticed and appreciated. After all, a little praise goes an extremely long way.

The importance of character building in a child should never be pushed away because of age or anything else. A child knows right from wrong from a young age and leading him down the right path will be fruitful for him in life later.


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