Blanche and Magic Study Table for Kids from Kids Kouch

Gone are the days when kids room was a shared guest room, we can’t just throw in a bed and some stuff and call it kids room. Today children and parents both take equal interest to create kids rooms that reflect the personality and interests of the child. It has to be an inspiring space where the child feels like spending quality time by himself or with his friends and relatives.

We cannot forgo a little study and creative hub in every kids room. A dedicated well designed study area is proven to improve productivity and focus of children. Kids in their tweens need a more elaborate space to dive in to do their work. A smart study table that takes less space and accommodates more would be any ones dream. A study table for kids has to be a fusion of aesthetics and ergonomics to create a comfortable ambiance to carry out organised work.

Study Table for Kids

Creative Ideas for Kids Study Area

Children that grow up with their own rooms and study space are believed to be more organised in their work even later in life. In today’s modern homes and apartments, space is an absolute premium. Designing a separate work area for kids might sound like a job that will need plenty of space. We present to you two study tables for tweens that are elaborate but not bulky and incorporate a lot of storage. With a little stress on your creative instincts you can use a forgotten corner and convert it into a smart study area for your child.


Blanche White and Black Study Table for Kids

Being in white colour this study table for kids can be easily harmonized with the existing decor and furniture in a kids room. It makes complete use of the floor space with shelves running from bottom to top. The lower shelves are big enough to hold small electronic equipment like printer, speakers, modem etc. Since the storage is concentrated on one side of this L-Shaped table it gives a clean, large, free working area that does not feel claustrophobic. It also has a small shelf on the side for those little bric-a-brac, a clock and something nice. This is one desk that can fit in a restricted area or make good use of a hard corner.

Study Table for Kids

Blanche Study Table for Kids from Kids Kouch


Magic Grey and Magenta Study Table for Kids

Magic study table for kids is a truly magical study desk. It has all the features that we introduced to in our study table Blanche but it has the added allure of unique colours. The colours are neutral and go well for either a boys or girls bedroom. The bottom storage as in Blanche study table is replaced with drawers here.

study table for kids

Magic Study Table for Kids from Kids Kouch

So we conclude both these desks are unrivaled addition to a kids room. So what are you waiting for ! Gift your child a complete cozy study area. Dress up that corner with some creative ideas and voila ! a workspace that your child will love to spend time in.



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