Wooden toys for kids-for homes and preshools

Wooden toys for kids-for homes and preshools

Wooden toys for kids are the best toys for toddlers and preschoolers understand the early leaning concepts of numbers, alphabets, colours, days of week, months of a year etc. Wooden puzzles are the first step for developing problem solving skills in children. Apart from developing skills wooden toys for kids also enhance a range of personality development qualities during playtime. It is by playing together kids amplify their social skills and learn to work in teams.

Wooden toys bring a natural warmth to the play environment. They are also chemical free, easy to clean, durable and have lower maintenance then the plastic or battery operated toys. If you are looking to equip your preschool with some toys and puzzles there should be no second thoughts of having anything else. Plastic toys don’t last long in a preschool environment. Plastic toys also usually come in bright colours and noisy distractions which really are not much of a teaching aid and are just objects for fun until they stop working. Kids are often possessive about such toys and they do not want to share them with others, this way it hampers social development as well. The best way to clean the toys in a preschool is with the sanitiser. Just put some on a soft cloth and wipe off the toys and puzzles.


wooden toys for kids

Kids Kouch Wooden Toys for Kids

Wooden toys for kids with themes on early learning concepts are ideal for home or preschool environment. Number puzzles or blocks help develop numeracy skills. Similarly the alphabets toys with capital, small and cursive letters introduce to the concepts of written language. There are also a range of theme based puzzles which help children learn the names of animals, transport, birds, flowers, parts of the body etc. The list of educational wooden toys is endless and goes on and on. It gives children an opportunity to learn things in a play way method which is best understood by them and this way leaning becomes fun and not a burden.

Wooden building blocks are great for young kids, they can unleash their creativity and make whatever they imagine and give a shape to their thoughts. When your kids are particularly young you should try and get your hands on some wooden blocks for them to play with. You can also shop for pretend play toys like kitchen sets, tool box for boys, chakla belan, pounding tool, dish washer or even washing machine which are great for creative play time.

wooden toys for kids

Pretend Play Dish Washer and Washing Machine -Wooden Toys for Kids

Looking for that perfect gift this festive season for the little ones. We recommend wooden toys. They are that best! They are super fun, safe, educational, entertaining and less expensive than their battery operated counterparts. Choose the right one based on the age of the child. Shop online now

These days children have early exposure to technology and there is nothing majorly wrong with it. Using a tablet or laptop as a learning tools is becoming more popular and convenient for parents. But during the early years it is just as important to provide tools to develop their ore skills of sensation and personality development which can only happen with the right choice of toys and playing together with other kids.


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