Designing kids rooms according to their age

Week after week we are going to bombard you with great ideas to design and redesign your kid’s room according to their ages. We will focus on the progressive phases of children’s growth and development: toddlers(2-3 years), preschoolers (3 to 6 years), elementary school kids (7 to 12 years) and older children – teenagers. Decorating a child’s room in a creative was calls for imagination, functionality and flexibility. Little people often grow much faster than their parents would like them to – and naturally, their interests and preferences change just as quickly. As a parent, it is not always easy to keep up with their growing and changing interests.

kids rooms

Many of the designers whom we appoint to design and decorate kids rooms actually know very little about children’s developmental stages. On the other hand, many educators who may be well-versed in this area have a similar lack of knowledge when it comes to furnishing children’s rooms in a practical manner that will also satisfy the wishes of their young inhabitants. Through our articles and products Kids Kouch aims to narrow down the gaps and provide all parents with good, realistic-hands on tips for designing creative children’s rooms

It is not uncommon that interior decorators who are assigned to design a child’s room will rarely consult with their actual client. They will ask the parents what they envision for the design, but not the child who is actually going to use the room. However as parents you are well aware what your kids like and what they like to change. Despite extensive literature in the subject of kids rooms, kids furniture and kids room décor, designing a great children’s room is much more simpler and more intuitive than most people think. All that your child needs is a peaceful, friendly, fun and simulation environment. Just let you imaginations run ! With empathy for your little ‘customer’ you will be successful.

Our following articles will provide you with lots of useful information about your child’s developmental phases. The effects that these various phases have on children’s space requirements and related needs will be explained. Don’t forget to spend time playfully brainstorming with your little ones about the design of their castles – where they will have a good night snooo zzzzzz.

kids rooms


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