Fabric and Kids Room Decor, DIY

Most parents go about spending a lot of time, energy and money in choosing the perfect products to decorate their Kid’s Room, be it the bedroom, study space, storage space etc. Accessorizing rooms with safe products that are kiddy, colourful and affordable requires some thought. In case, it is something that can be changed or redone with less effort and money then who would not want it, coz we know as parents, their tastes and desires keep on changing as they grow.

Kids Room Decor

Fabric is the simple answer to all the above and achieving beautiful kids room decor .

Fabric can be used to create beautiful kids room decor for children be it nurseries for infants and babies, teens or young adults. Sit back and think about how much you can do with fabric in your kid’s rooms, there are curtains, bed-covers, cushions, buntings, floor mats, carpets, storage options, bean bags and even wall décor or clocks. You can use colourful fabric with interesting theme related prints ranging from animals, transport, seaside, butterflies, super-hero’s, geometrical design and the list goes on that can be matched with any theme that you have for kids room.


Changing these accessories as your kids grow will definitely seem much simpler than changing the wall colours or furniture. Being made of fabric these products have a life of 2- 4 years and go through the usual wear and tear. Voila ! then you can recreate a whole new theme.


I was amazed to see the wide range of selection of fabrics on this UK site for Kids Room décor Kids Fabrics, do check it out for some creative insights.

Kids Room Decor Ideas

But don’t be disappointed if that you can’t get them all the way from UK. In India Swayamindia is delivering an equally interesting and colourful range of furnishing for kids rooms. These are bedsheets from their Lil Angle Collection 

Lil Angel from Swayamindia

You will find a range of bed sheets at Kids Kouch too.

Get started today ! Get Creative !


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    Loved the ideas surely going to try some for my kids bedroom. Keep up the fabulous job!

  1. June 25, 2016

    […] to gender specific things like tiaras or tyres, Spiderman or Dora. It is good to have a lot of DIY stuff to decorate a kids rooms. It costs less and can be very attractive, invocative and some things can be made together with […]

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