Colorful and Functional Storage for Kids Books and Toys

Holiday Season, Festivals, Birthdays, all that kids accumulate during these special occasions is toys, toys and more toys. Apart from toys there are books, clothes, bags, caps etc. I am sure all moms wish they had a magic wand which they could wave and all things would get into their own space.

storage for kids books and toys
So how can we make space for all the toys new and old which you kids do not want to part with. To bring the Toyland into order we need to Sort, Stack and Store toys in such a way that it is easy for the kids to find and it also looks neat and organized. Now you can achieve this spick and span room with a wide range of colorful storage for books and toys for kids.

Always put kids’ imagination and needs in your mind while organizing kid’s room. We need to train our kids put their items in place and teach them how to organize things in the room.  Some simple storage items can make a difference for you and your child

Toy boxes, Drawers, Bins, Toy Buckets and Special containers are only a few of the many kinds of organizing systems you can invest in.  Storage doesn’t always have to be shoved behind closed doors. Some of the best storage options available at Kids Kouch Kids Furniture Store, India is so colorful that it can be displayed beautifully and doubles as kids room décor.

Containers, Boxes and Baskets: Enhance you kid’s room with the help of beautiful storage options. Drawers are a good option for board games and clothes. Place all baskets and toy boxes are useful for storing big toys such as pull along, cars, trucks etc. For soft toys a hanging basket is a real space saver. Mesh hampers also work well. Wicker baskets are using frequently due to their lighter weight. Try bins and boxes that can be rolled under the bed. The space under bed always remains empty and can be used for storage in kids’ room. There are many choices of under bed storage. Storage bins provided with wheels are easy to operate.

Storage Cubbies: Cubbies that are just the right height will prompt children to put things back in place on their own and is also safe. Kids can hurt themselves trying to reach shelves which are not easily accessible to them. The wide range of Cubbies available at Kids Kouch, are not only attractive but also very practical in design. They do not have any sharp corners and her hence preferred by a lot of international Schools. They can be used for toys with the baskets or for books and board games.

storage for books and toys

Fix Hooks: You can provide extra hooks at a certain height so that your kids easily reach there to hang their clothes, bags and storage

For toys with small pieces and accessories such as Lego’s, Puzzles, crayons, craft supplies etc you can use Zip lock bags, Shoe boxes, small plastic jars, cloth bags with a zipper or drawstring work great.


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    size should not exceed 6 feet height , width 5 feet and debth 1.5 feet etc.


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