How to select books for your preschool library

Ideally in a preschool environment you will find children aged 1.5 to 6 years. Here’s a small guide on what books are right for what age and how you can select the right books for your preschool library.

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Board Books and Touch and Feel books are ideal for 1.5 to 3 years old kids. Board books with thick pages talking about simple concepts on colours, shapes, numbers, words, animals are a favourite of 2 year olds. They like what they see because by now they are aware of the things around them and are able to easily identify and connect with them. Touch and feel books aid in the sensory development of little kids. They are most beneficial for kids below 2 years of age. Board books with nursery rhymes and large picture books covering the early learning concepts can be of great help for teachers while they work together with the kids.

Picture books are a must for kids aged 3 to 6 years. These books with beautiful illustration nurture love for books and reading. Choose books written and illustrated by award winning authors. Don’t miss out on books by popular authors like Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle, Julia Donaldson, Margret Wise Brown, Laura Numeroff, Kevin Henkes etc. A preschool library is incomplete without them.

preschool library

Picture Books for Preschool Library

Nobody can miss out on reading the classic fairy tales in their childhood. These fairy tales are written and rewritten by numerous authors over a period of time. Make sure you choose the right ones. Good writers describe people and situations so vividly that we think we are there as we read. For preschoolers books are an excellent means of introducing them to abstract emotions. Books help them realize that everyone shares feeling of sorrow, joy, embarrassment, confusion, loneliness and rejection. They teach morals which will enable us to mold the personalities of the little ones. Toddlers spend endless amounts of time looking at picture books analyzing things from their own perspective. They can read most picture books from the pictures alone.

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Picture Books for Preschool Library

The last phase of reading in a preschool is the easy-to-read leveled readers. As a child learns to read on his/her own, he also discovers the joy of reading aloud to others. He develops confidence in himself by reading to his teachers, parents or friends. The right leveled reader helps children to gain independence in reading alone and is definitely going to help him in his elementary education.

“Please read to me” is more than a child’s request for attention; it’s an opportunity to expand a child’s mind. The joy flows in both directions, so be prepared to enjoy the process.

Apart from having the right books in your preschool library it is also essential to provide a comfortable surroundings to be able to enjoy these books. A quite well-designed reading corner is a must. Cosy seating area with floor seating arrangement s or tables and chairs and open face bookshelves will make library time fun-time for kids.


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