How to create neutral kids bedroom designs

In today’s world when we are talking about eliminating the gender bias and trying to raise our kids with a neutral mind-set why not work on creating kids bedroom designs that have more neutral trend than the typical blue for boys and pink for girls, cars for boys and flowers for girls.

Making up a kids room be it a boy or a girl can be fun especially if your child has a mind of his/her own. There are really no particular rules for a girl’s bedroom  or a boy’s bedroom– but it’s important that a child’s room reflects the personality of the child.

So where do we start with a neutral kids room design.

  1. Colours: Leave no colour unturned. Get out the blues and pinks. If your kid is younger you are open to experiment with colours at your will. The more colours the better. If you intend to use a lot of colours do it with the accessories on walls, floor mats, small furniture, cushions, room décor. Keep all main furniture like the kids bed and kids study table in white. This way you can upgrade to newer colours as your child grows without reinvesting in the bedroom designs
  1. Fun and Functional: A child’s room has to be a fun place, this is where they spend a lot of time by themselves or with their friends. While the room theme can be generally fun it needs to have a serious work area too. A nice study table for kid’s room is an essential for kids of all ages. So what we are looking for is some whimsical touches and some basic functionality with a sturdy kids bed and kids study table and chair that will encourage them to do their home work kids bedroom designs
  1. Themes: Can simple things like circles, polka dots, squares, rectangle and triangle be themes?kids bedroom designskids bedroom designs Sure why not. Themes don’t have to be restricted to gender specific things like tiaras or tyres, Spiderman or Dora. It is good to have a lot of DIY stuff to decorate a kids rooms. It costs less and can be very attractive, innovative and some things can be made together with children which adds to all the bedroom designs
  1. A kid’s room needs to have enough practical and simple storage solutions. Kids storage should be ideally open cabinets. Bins for toy storage are a must. Bins of different sizes serve as specific storage for different items like Lego, dolls, cars, blocks, art supplies etc. This will make the room organised and is also simple for kids to access and use room designs
  1. Sibling sharing a room can be a tough thing to handle. We need to work out ways to keep them at peace. Every child is different and has their own interests. If they are old enough to help with decor decisions, ask for their input. Make them feel like they are both equally important and part of the room. Also, designate an area for each one’s stuff so both will feel like they have their own space. Never forget to plan for the future, be prepared to shift around furniture or consider adding a bunk bed or a trundle bed bedroom designs



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