New Arrivals Study Tables for Kids

As your kids have stepped into the new academic year you might be considering to buy a good study table for them. Kids Kouch launches 4 new designs of study tables for kids which are sleek and modern. These can be used as laptop tables or study tables.

Study tables for kids priced at just Rs 10,400 to 13,500

A study table or study desk is essential for kids of ages 4+ . Creating an encouraging environment in a kid’s room for them to sit at their desk and study can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you achieve an organised dedicated study area for your child.

  • Having a demarcated area for studying instills lifelong habit of being organised and focused in learning.
  • Choose the right colors for your kid’s room and especially the study area that will entice them to spend more time there.

study table for kids

  • Lighting is of utmost importance in learning area. As kids mostly still down to study after sunset there would be a need to have good amount of artificial lighting. Use lighting that promotes positive vibe than a stressful effect. For example, softer wall lighting as opposed to strong ceiling bulbs directly overhead, promote a pleasant, calming effect that makes for a more relaxed learning environment. However an area which has natural light or a natural view like close to a window can be simulating.

Study Area for Kids

  • A table lamp is a must when sibling share a room. Invest in a good one which gives proper lightning.
  • It is good to have a dedicated study area away from the hustle of the household to keep disturbance at minimum and focus at maximum.
  • Caroline Study table for kids
  • We have all gone through this, pencils and other stationary gone missing just as we need them. Homework being procrastinated because of this very reason. So it’s a good idea to have a little storage for basic stationary even if you opt for a small study desk.
  • Study tables with some drawers and storage for school books is always a good option.
  • Laptops and tablets are a staple of modern learning, so don’t forget to have a table that can be used for all purpose.

study table for kids

  • Wooden Tables are any day more preferable than plastic ones.

Eddy Study Table Online for Kids


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