Kids Room for 6 to 8 year olds

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Kids Room for 6 to 8 year olds

Kids Room for 6 to 8 year olds

Once you children reach school age there will not be a not be a lot of things that you will need change at home on their account. Don’t take excessive measures to shield your child from every danger. You can’t convince your child of the difference between hot and cold, hard and soft, sharp and blunt just by telling them constantly about it- sometimes it good to learn these by experience and yes the old saying “once bitten twice shy” still applies today. This is the best age to let them experiment and learn.

Kids room for 6 to 8 year olds is more important as they start to spend more time in their rooms. If you have already invested in a standard size kids bed in their preschool stage you don’t need to think of another bed for a while as the bed will grow along with them. This is the age when kids love to play hide and seek so having that little hideouts inside their room gives them joy. They probably build their own under the bed. Children feel most comfortable in spaces that correspond to their own body size. Even if the furniture is small and child size the ceiling still is to the size of an adult. So kids build these small playhouses inside cardboard boxes which is a great source of enjoyment. Primary school children love to push their physical skills further and further. Make sure the furniture in their room is sturdy to handle the pressure.  At their age children also begin to get really vocal and make noise to their hearts content.

Kids Room for 6 to 8 year olds

Best loved hideouts for kids

If you are going to buy a bed at this stage a bunk bed would be a great choice. Be it for a single child or children sharing their room with a sibling bunk beds are best enjoyed at this age. It allows them to use their emery getting up and down as they are in better control of their movements that reduces the possibility of accidents. Make no compromise while searching for the right bunk bed. It needs to be sturdy and durable.

The problem of mountains of toys continues still. Having the right kind of storage of toys is just as important as it was before. School age kids should have their own bookshelves where they can keep their treasures. Any piece of furniture that provides storage space for clothing or toys is a welcome addition to a child’s room.

By age six most children have discovered the pleasure of sitting in from of the television or gadgets. The best solution to this is to provide them with a table where they can paint or involve themselves in other activities like clay modelling or solving huge 300 pcs jigsaw puzzle.  At this age you child’s activities should be a mixture of active games, quieter play such as board games or drawing and intellectual pursuits such a reading.

Kids Room for 6 to 8 year olds

Kids Plastic Activity Tables

Don’t be afraid to ask your 6 year old what they like and don’t like in their room be it the bed, study area or play area. You will be surprised to learn what well-defined opinions school-aged children already have about their needs and wishes and some of their answers might seem remarkably mature and logical. It is natural for children to dislike things that do not have an aesthetic appeal or are in dull colours. A desk with drawers at the bottom provides a surface on the top for writing or drawing. Your child will love to pretend to work like mom and dad on his grand table. It is always preferred to have a chair with no handrails as this way it will slide under the table to maintain appropriate distance between the table and the seating position. A stool is a simple versatile seating option that adapts to all kinds of activities.


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