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Tidying kids’ rooms: Who’s job is it anyway?

More relevant with older kids, who’s job is it to clean up the kids room. Parents often want their older kids to be responsible, take care of their belonging, and keep their room neat and tidy. It is not too much to ask, but are kids doing it? For cleanliness to become a habit with children a sense of discipline has to be inculcated from a tender age. These habits go on with them as they get older.

Children are usually asked to tidy up behind them while they are at school. As parents we need to encourage these habits at home too. They need to realise that keeping tings organised is not restricted only to school and needs to be followed at home or anywhere else. Children will be motivated to get organised if everything has a place. It is easy for their brain to process what goes where.

If you tell plain blank to tidy their room it’s not exciting for kids and you can just wait for a miracle. But there are ways to make it easy, fun and rewarding to keep their rooms clean. Having kid’s storage units that are the right height and have the right kind of partitioning makes it easy for children to put back things.

kids storage

Throwin Storage Series from Kids Kouch

Kids Kouch Throwin Kids Storage Series are just right for toddlers to keep their little toys organized in different bins. They are easy to slide into and out of the grooves without much effort. For books, the Classique Kids Storage unit from Kids Kouch is of an ideal height and depth and also priced reasonably. You can even add some bins on top to make it a multipurpose storage for books and toys or stationary.


Kids Storage

Classique Kids Storage from Kids Kouch

Joining hands with your child to do clean up activities at home can make the whole job interesting and bring in team spirit. If things are organised throughout the house then it will become a practice for your child as well. It is important to be good role models and follow what we preach them

A reward at the end of any hard work will be truly appreciated. Just a simple Thank You to your children for keeping their room clean can keep them motivated. A penny or two can be a good incentive. A doughnut from their favourite bakery or an ice-cream will mark that their effort is well appreciated.

kids storage

A clear definition in terms of a checklist of tasks to tidy up the room makes it easy for children. This way you can be sure they don’t forget anything. Ticking off tasks on their checklist gives them a strange sense of achievement and they look forward to the whole job as little tasks rather than a boring phrase of “Tidy up your room”

Kids Kouch offers a range of space-saving kids storage solutions that will make the task of keeping your kids room neat and tidy even easier – take a look at our collection of kids storage cupboards, drawers and bookshelves here.


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