Let your child start the new year with a new kids bed

Let your child start the new year with a new kids bed

Does your child still share the bed with you? If so, then you sure don’t get a good night’s sleep. Whether they are babies, toddler or young children it is good to encourage your kids to have their own sleeping area. This is not only good for them but also helps you are parents have a great sleep and wake up to a fresh morning. If you little baby sleeps in the same bed you are always conscious and trying to keep the baby safe and hence you compromise on your own sleep. It is also safer for babies to sleep in cribs or cots designed for their comfort. When you share your bed with your toddler and little kids who are constantly moving around in their sleep it is definitely going to affect your sleep pattern.

new kids bed

So why don’t you start the new year with a good night’s sleep for yourself and your child. Go ahead and invest in a Kids Bed and comfortable mattress that will guarantee fresh mornings for the family in the new year. Kids Kouch offers a wide range of beds for kids you can make a choice based on the age of your child.

Sorry we do not stock baby cots or cribs. So let’s start with toddlers. For toddlers aged 18 months and above we have Toddler Beds that are safe and comfortable. Our bestselling model is the Robert Toddler Bed. This bed is available in neutral colors of yellow and green which are suitable for a boy’s or girl’s bedroom. It has a barrier on 3 sides which provides protection. The open end can also be put against a wall so that all the sides are closed. The barriers are not too high, so it’s easy for kids to get in and out of the bed. Use beautiful bed-covers of your child’s favourite theme or character to entice them to start sleeping on their own.

Robert Toddler Bed

Robert Toddler Bed from Kids Kouch

Next we have twin beds which are ideal for all age groups. These are standards size beds usually 4 feet x 6 feet in size. These beds are one-time investments and kids can grow with them. Beds in bright colors such as pink, green or blue might be attractive for little ones while sober shades or white may be preferred by teenagers. It’s not hard to create a theme out of these basic beds by having bed-covers and linen in themes or colors of your choice. This way you don’t have to buy a new bed every time your child has a new passion.

new kids bed

David Twin Size Bed

For shared kid’s bedrooms the most obvious choice is a bunk bed. Bunk beds are always fun and seem adventurous to younger kids. While Trundle beds seem to be a better choice for grown up kids sharing rooms and also for parents who fear the ladder in a bunk bed. Just like their cousins the bunk beds, trundle bed save space and give the option of having two beds. The hide away trundle serves good as a guest bed even in a single child room.

new kids bed

Fleur Trundle Bed

Although it is never too late to develop the habit of sleeping in their own beds, the earlier you begin the better. Create a comfortable and soothing place for bedtime that is surrounded by things they love. Cultivate a bedtime routine such as reading a book, saying a prayer, or just singing a lullaby. Their minds will soon begin to associate the routine with sleep time and gradually develop good sleeping patterns. Some kids may take longer than the others to settle down on the idea but don’t give up it is always ‘better late than never’. So we wish your family a healthy, happy sleep in the new year!


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