A kids study table that can come handy on a work from home day

Vicker kids study table from Kids Kouch

Vicker kids study table and laptop table

Buying a good piece furniture is easier than finding and making the right space for it at home. Be it for a child or for a parent a study table signifies organised work. So it is important to have a study table that suits your needs and makes the best use of space that you have.

Our new range of study tables are just the right choice if you are looking for a kids study table for your child who has just entered elementary school and is getting into the stage of structured academic learning process. It is the right age to make kids realise that study time is important and needs to be done in a designated place so that their attention and focus is at its best. Having a dedicated desk makes kids independent and organised. It also helps immensely in developing good handwriting and correct posture.

Caroline Study table for kids

Caroline kids study table and laptop table from Kids Kouch

A standard kids study table needs to be:

  • of the correct dimensions to suit the child’s height
  • aesthetically and ergonomically well-designed
  • the table top should be ideally a clear surface especially if it is going to used more frequently for writing activities.
  • even if your desk does not have storage for books it is a must that they have small drawers or storage options for stationary, else you can be sure that half the study time will be lost in looking for stationary all over the house. This also distracts the child from the work they have set to complete.
    Eddy kids study table

    Drawers for stationary in Eddy Kids Study Table from Kids Kouch


  • make sure that the kids study table is placed in a well-lit area.
  • ensure that there is fresh air in the room that your child will use for study time.
  • it is good to have the study table away from the noisy areas of the house like away from a television or living room.

These days Parents are have the wonderful option of choosing to work from home once in a while. Why not choose a kids study desk that can come double as a comfortable work desk while you world form home.

We recommend this study table from Kids Kouch that is contemporary, sleek and functional from our range of kids study table that are ideal for all age groups starting from 6+ years.

Eddy Study Table Online for Kids

Eddy Kids Study Table Online from Kids Kouch India

Eddy kids study table

Eddy Kids Study Table Online from Kids Kouch India

  • This kids study table is made of engineered wood that meet international standards.
  • The metal frame at the bottom give a sturdy base to the unit and give a sleek look.
  • The drawers are just the right size to have all your knick-knacks organised in one place.
  • The smooth channels make it easy to open and close the drawers.
  • The cut-out handles with a smooth rounded finish make the unit smart.
  • The table top is made of high quality engineered wood and is easy to clean. It can be wiped off with a damp cloth if there are any stains.
  • The small opening above the drawers gives just enough space to keep the book that are needed frequently.
Eddy kids study table

Eddy Kids Study Table Online from Kids Kouch India


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