Revamp with new preschool furniture and supplies

As we draw close to the end of the current academic year here’s our little guide to help you revamp your preschool classrooms and play areas with new preschool furniture and equipment to welcome the kids in the new academic year.

Kids Kouch offers a wide range of Preschool Classroom Furniture, Play Equipment for indoor and outdoor use, Wooden Toys, Floor Mats, Daycare Stackable Beds and much more. We also extend our support in designing curriculums and also provide a range of curriculum books in topics such as Maths, English, Writing Skills, Numbers, Coloring, EVS, Art and Craft.

If you are setting up a new preschool this year and you need any assistance do contact us on We offer consultancy services for the same. If you intend to plan it all by yourself here is an extensive guide to setting up a preschool for 20 kids which can come handy. Setting Up a Classroom for 20 Preschool Children

new preschool furniture


Creating a preschool classroom that promotes safety, fun, and learning needs creativity and an appetite for details. All the preschool furniture needs to well-planned and placed so that the classrooms are not cluttered and they provide an ambience where children feel happy, safe and motivated. Innovating basic furniture such as tables and chairs, baby cots and storage units can transform a preschool classroom into a learning ground.

new preschool furniture

Dwinguler Rainbow Castle Playpen

We have recently launched the Dwinguler range of play mats which have been very well appreciate by our existing school clients. These mats are highly durable and are made of completely eco-friendly materials. They also have play pens and kids sofas which are just right for pre

Based on our experience we can say that once you buy from us we think; you’ll keep coming back to us. We are committed to help you with the best products and suggestions that will assist you to design truly functional and attractive classrooms and preschools that will attract kids and parents alike. You will appreciate our on-time delivery and dedicated staff who are always there to help you.

Don’t wait till the last minute! Plan and place your orders now. We are all stocked up to serve you with the best products at best prices.



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