Reading for Kids – a life-time skill and habit

Books are one of the best gifts for children at any age. Books expand the imagination of children. Books with beautiful pictures can take children to places they have not been. Babies 0- 3 years are more curious than the older children. They are looking for adventure and excitement every minute. They are very absorbent and try to explore and understand everything that is happening around them.  Books help us to widen their horizon to see beyond their surroundings. In many cases they also help the child to clam down and learn to concentrate. It helps us to direct their energy to more constructive ideas.

Let us assume you have the habit of telling a story every night to your one year old. So you have been telling your child the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. If you have not been reading this from a book by pointing at the pictures. The baby has no clue what a forest or bear is, because he does not see them in his surroundings every day. When you show it in a book he learns about things that he has never seen. However some of us might not been too keen on investing in books for babies. We tend to leave this to latter stages and concentrate on buying toys for now.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears


However good books can never take the place of good toys or even digital books. Books play a very important part in the holistic development of a child of any age. You can shop for excellent kids books by popular authors online on Kids Kouch.



Eric Carle Books


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