Things to consider while designing shared kids bedrooms

It is not uncommon for sibling having to share their bedroom space. It is important for each child to have a dedicated place for their belongings and work. Choosing the right furniture for shared bedrooms is imperative. The furniture has to be definitely space saving and meet the needs of the children. Functional and sturdy kids furniture is what you need to be looking at.

Firstly, you need to jot down what furniture your children need based on their age, personality and hobbies. It is obvious that the basic piece of furniture would be the bed.  Second you need to calculate the amount of floor space and wall space you have at your disposal to fit the required furniture. Lastly you need to see what it is that you need and what can be avoided as you do not want to clutter the room and have enough free space.

Kids Beds for shared kids bedrooms

Bed would be the center piece of any bedroom and the largest unit of furniture item in your children’s shared bedroom. There are various options to choose from depending on the space and budget.

Bunk Beds: All kids love the fun and adventure the bunk beds bring in. They are also classic space savers. They build special a bond just fighting over who will sleep on the top and who at the bottom. It can be annoying in the beginning but they will soon settle down and eventually they will fix who sleeps where.  There are times when both can squeeze into the bottom bed for a whole night that is if they are not too big.

Trundle Beds: They are a good alternative for the Bunk Beds. They also give the convenience of having two beds while taking the floor space of just one. However they may not be as fun as the Bunk Beds especially if the children are young.

Loft Beds: Having two loft beds in a room may make the room look a little bulkier but we cannot right off this option. Loft beds come with a bed obviously, but combined with a storage, study or even play area all put together in a single unit. So loft beds make it an excellent option for smaller bedrooms.

Twin Beds: It would be smart to go for two twin beds if your children are a little older say 8+. These beds are something that they can grow with and you will not need to change them again. They can be placed in different ways depending on the size and shape of the room. Lengthwise and L-Shape are some of the options. Having a bit of storage at the bottom of these beds would make space for the bed linens if not anything more. Having storage at the bottom also means you could do away with the night stand which take up more floor space. If you do have the space, having one night stand for the alarm clock a couple of books and a night lamp would be very practical.

shared kids bedrooms


Storage for shared kids bedrooms

Storage is a crucial factor in keeping kids room neat and tidy. If everything has a place, then everything goes in its place. The first step to have a clutter free kids room is to have assigned storage for books, toys, clothes and hobby items. In shared rooms it is nice to have personal storage space where children can keep the items that they do not share with their siblings.

Any amount of storage is never enough, so when space is a constraint you need to plan things well. For example, having tall bookshelves would make good use of wall space and hold more books. However, we should not compromise of the safety factor while investing in tall racks. Wall hangers are smart way to us the walls and are also convenient for kids to hang the stuff they need daily.

Though your children are sharing a room it does not mean that they cannot have a space which reflects their own personality. You can choose to have two different colors in the same room. Colors can play the role of excellent differentiators. There are also tips on how you can separate the spaces by having units say cupboards or bookshelves back-to-back creating a virtual partition. With time children usually get used to the idea of which area is shared and which area is their own. You can also use fabric wisely to mark the areas. The choice of patterns and colors mark the individuality and interest of the child.

shared kids bedrooms

A shared bedroom nurtures bonding between siblings. You can get creative and plan their room with the right mix of furniture, colors and areas. It is important to involve your children in the process of designing and defining their personal spaces. Their choices and interests play an important role. Try to save floor space as much as possible.


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