Mickey Bunk Bed for Kids-Product Review

A Bunk Bed for kids provides an opportunity for a fun way to grow up. They are frisky and engaging and children usually have endless hours of fun playing in their bunk bed. So a bunk bed for kids is not just a bed to sleep in but also more like a play gym.

Whether you have small bedrooms or trying to manage to get some extra storage space or you need an extra bed for slumber parties or a spare guest bed, bunk beds are just the right choice that provide you all these features in a single bed. They clear up so much floor space with built-in storage and pull-away beds that can be rolled under the main bed.

Kids Kouch newest Bunk Bed for kids is this solid wood bunk bed Mickey. It’s a classic looking bunk bed which is sturdy and sophisticated. The bed frame is in solid wood and few interiors like the sheets for the mattress are in MDF. With neutral colors and matt finish this bunk beds can me smart choice for a boys or girls room or even sibling sharing a room. It has 2 beds, one 3.3 feet bed at the top and a 4 feet bed at the bottom. The top bed weight limit is 60 Kgs. The wooden ladder provides safe and easy access to the top bed. Instead of a trundle at the base this bunk bed for kids has a wheeled storage drawer that   provides excellent additional storage for your kids board games, bed linen and bric-a-brac without forfeiting any additional space on the floor.

Mickey Bunk Bed for Kids

Mickey Bunk Bed for Kids from Kids Kouch

One of the nicest and popular bunk beds on the market the Mickey Bunk Bed for kids comes complete with integrated shelving where your child can easily store and access the books, toys and knick-knacks. The storage unit at the base is not part of the standard unit and isn’t included in the basic model price.

Well, all said and done this is a very well made, attractive and practical bunk bed that would be the center of attraction of any kids room and any child would be glad to sleep in. If you have been looking for a solid wood bunk bed with modern look and functional design than the Mickey bed is an excellent choice.  At Kids Kouch you can find accompanying pieces of study table, bookshelves and kids wardrobe to go with this bunk bed for kids.

Available online and Instore on www.kidskouch.com

Price Rs 75,000

Special Offer: Rs 64,000 (till 10th Sept, 2016 only)


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    You made a number of good points here about this Mickey Bunk Bed and I am tempted to buy it for my kids. Please notify me when you have the best offer on this product.

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