Designing a kids room for toddler 2 year olds

Continuing with our promise to provide you with great tips to design your kid’s room according to their age we are going to focus on kids room for toddler in this post. I know we skipped the infants, sorry we don’t do nursery products so we just gave it a miss.

A period of enormous physical activity begins around the age of two years. This is the phase of somersaults and attempts to climb onto any available object. Unfortunately, this irresistible urge to move is not without dangers. It is a very important to have appropriate furniture in the kids room and also the entire home will need a little bit of redesign at this stage. Having a play area setup where your child will be visible most of the time is a good idea rather than having an isolated setup in a corner in his room. An area near the kitchen or living room is the best choice. But I am sure you do not want your guest or yourself looking at a shabby play area. You can create an attractive corner by investing in a good mat, any kind of little tent or playpen which she can also share with a friend on a playdate.

kids tent

Naturally a two-year old is capable if entertaining herself for longer period of time than a baby. After all, she is slowly but surely beginning to learn a few important social rules. One of the most important of these is that she cannot demand the other people’s attention–not even that of her parents – all day long. Now is the time to buy your toddler a small table and chair where she can occupy herself for short periods of times in activities like colouring, playdough, drawing etc. Make sure the furniture you choose is child size, sturdy yet lightweight enough to be moved around the house easily.  A plastic table chair set can be handy to use outdoors and even used as a snack table. It is easy to clean and maintain.

kids tables and chairs

At the age of two, many children can already speak relatively well, although they still make a lot of mistakes. Now they love having someone read stories and make up their own stories and narrate in their sweet baby language. If you keep picture books within easy reach arranged on an open face bookshelf, your little listener and storyteller can choose the books by themselves. Be prepared to read to the same story over and over again and listen to many versions of the same story. Car Shaped Bookshelf

Your children’s toys should always be kept where they can reach them easily and safely. Sturdy functional toy storage shelves or bins are just the right thing. This is good age to inculcate the habits of organising and understanding that different areas of the home serve different functions. In the beginning children look at the entire house as a gigantic playground. Over time however they learn that their own room in particular is a place for sleeping and playing.

kids room designs

Even though your toddler may like to sleep with your at times it is necessary to have a separate bed set in your kids room. A safe toddler bed with a roll-over safety can add charm to your kids room.



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